We will improve knowledge of tools and techniques policy makers can use to create more open and user-led policy.

Objective: To ensure that policy advice to government is better informed by insights from those most affected by government policy and programmes, by input from diverse points of view, and by data and evidence.


Status quo: Commitments to consult interest groups have long been part of New Zealand policy making – for example it is written into New Zealand’s CabGuide (Guide to Cabinet and Cabinet Committee Processes) and regulation analysis practices. We can improve consultation practices, for example, by exploring digital tools and evolving fit-for-purpose participatory decision-making practices. There is also an array of new approaches,  to engage directly with ‘customers’, or those that will be affected by government decisions, that can add value to the design of policy and subsequently deliver greater public value.


Ambition: We will create accessible, easy-to-digest guidance material on: being an ‘intelligent customer/user’ of data and evidence; methods for gathering and generating insights from others, particularly those directly affected by policy and public services; using collaborative approaches, so that policy is informed by a broad range of input and expertise and meets user needs; testing and improving policy and services with citizens-as-users. 


Lead agency: Head of the Policy Profession, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet


Timeline: October 2016 – June 2017


OGP values: Civic participation, public accountability, technology and information


New or ongoing commitment: New


Verifiable and measurable milestones to fulfil the commitment:


  • Map evidence and insights ecosystem, existing practice, expertise and guidance sources
    Start date: September 2016         End date: October 2016


  • Test buy-in and support for all-of-government guidance
    Start date: October 2016                    End date: November 2016


  • Design prototype and refine the format of the guidance for optimal usability
    Start date: October 2016                    End date: December 2016


  • Co-produce contents with, and for, the government policy community
    Start date: December 2016  End date: April 2017


  • Launch  and commence change management and communications campaign
    Start date: April 2017            End date: June 2017


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