We will help government agencies improve public access to, and outcomes of, non-personal, government-held data by openly tracking progress on efforts to open up data stores.

Objective: To help drive the government agency culture change required to gain value from open government data.


Status quo: Open data is not currently managed through a set of consistent or cohesive objectives across government. One result of this is that government agencies have a limited understanding of how and why to address barriers to releasing open data.


Ambition: Government agencies will be knowledgeable about what data they should and should not publicly release and why, how to remove obstacles to reuse, and will be consistently applying these filters to their data holdings. This will increase the amount and quality of data released.


Lead agencies: Land Information New Zealand, Department of Internal Affairs, Statistics New Zealand


Timeline: October 2016 – June 2018


OGP values: Access to information, civic participation, public accountability, technology and information.


New or ongoing commitment: New


Verifiable and measurable milestones to fulfil the commitment:


  • Develop an open government data action plan, based on feedback gathered from the open data community and government officials
    Start date: May 2017 End date: July 2017


  • Publish the action plan
    Start date: 1 July 2017 End date: 30 July 2017


  • Develop a public dashboard for reporting against the action plan goals
    Start date: 1 August 2017 End date: 30 August 2017


  • Seek public feedback on the proposed public dashboard
    Start date: 1 September 2017   End date: 15 September 2017


  • Regularly update the public dashboard on government progress toward the goals
    Start date: September 2017  End date: June 2018


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